NMRA Conventions Update

The NMRA 2022 Convention is scheduled for St Louis from August 7 to August 13. The website for more information is Gateway 2022.

A joint Midwest, North Central and Mid Central Division and Railroad Prototype Modelers convention is scheduled for Indianapolis from May 18th to the 22nd, 2022. More information on that event can be found here. INDY JUNCTION 2022

And in between those 2 events is the St Louis Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet. Thats scheduled for July 29 and 30, 2022. Information for that even can be found here.

For those on the West Coast, the Pacific Coast Region is hosting its Return to the Redwoods from April 21st to the 24th, 2022.

Also on the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest Region is holding its event, Make Tracks to Eugene 2022 from May 11th to the 14th, 2022.

And if you are in or near Southern California, its time to get Back on Track in 2022, hosted by the San Diego Division of the Pacific Southwest Region. Thats scheduled for September 7th to the 11th, 2022.